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PT AEON Fantasy Indonesia was incorporated in November 2014 and is a Japan-based company specializing in the operation of entertainment facilities in shopping centers operated by the AEON Group and other developers.

In April 2015, PT AEON Fantasy Indonesia opened our first indoor amusement business under the name "kidzooona" and “Mollyfantasy” which was located inside Pluit Village in Pluit, Jakarta. The concept of the indoor playground was to provide an alternative entertaining environment suitable for both children and their families.

We has our new business under name “Fanpekka” as our Premium store and the one and only one in Indonesia where located at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, East Jakarta.

Our mission is Family, Fun and Safety, which reflects on our intent to nurture an edutainment center which is both educational and entertaining, making it suitable for children and families to play in a safe, fun-filled environment. Looking for fun and challenge? You are in the right company.

Thank you for being AEON People!

Ganbarimasyou ~